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EREL customer services:

  • Environmental Studies
  • Consulting to Industries and Authorities on Environmental Problems
  • Software for Environmental Impact Assessment  
  • Automatic measurements of gas pollutants such as O3, NO, NO2, NMHC, CH4 and SO2 (according to ISO DIS-7996 and EPA designation EQQA-0383-056).

  • Measurements of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) outdoors and indoors (C2-C10, and in particular benzene and toluene) according to the EPA TO-1 method and in agreement with the European Commission guidelines for benzene and VOC.

  • Measurements of total and/or specific VOC in chimney stacks with simultaneous measurements of flue-gases according to the European Commission guidelines for VOC.

  • Measurements of sulfur compounds (H2S, COS, CS2, merkaptans)

  • Measurements of carbonyl compounds.

  • Measurements of polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in the atmosphere according to the EPA TO-13 method and in agreement with the European Commission guidelines for PAH.

  • Measurements of meteorological parameters such wind-speed and wind direction, precipitation, humidity, temperature and UV radiation according to the Standards and Technical guidelines of the German Meteorological Office, DIN 43760B.

  • Consultancy in specific environmental matters.

  • Atmospheric dispersion in industrial and urban areas according to the European Commission guidelines 85/317/EEC and Seveso 82/501/EEC.

  • Air Pollution Measurements
  • Environmental Analytical Chemistry Services

Services have been provided to:

  • AKZO-NOBEL (the Netherlands), University of Catania (Italy), JRC-ISPRA (EU), Public Power Corporation (GR), Ministry of Environment (GR), General Chemistry Laboratory (GR), ELVIEX (GR), AIR LIQUIDE (GR).
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